Online Yoga Classes

Classes are  likely to reconvene in February- a notice will be posted to confirm. 

We have Hatha classes every Tuesday evening, 5pm- 6:30 pm. The class is beginner/ intermediate with moderate intensity.

Yin classes are held occasionally at the weekend. Yin is a ‘cool’ practice, meaning you might need to wear layers as the class takes you through asanas, all down on the mat (no downward dogs here!), while you make the position fit YOUR unique body. Positions are mostly held for 5 minutes allowing for a meaningful mind/ body connection. Yin can help improve joint mobility and reduce stress. This class is suitable for most people. However, this is not suitable during pregnancy.

Fees: There is no set fee for classes. Donations are welcome and can be made by PayPal to If you prefer to donate using a different method please contact me. The class is free for anyone experiencing difficulties in order to remove barriers to practice and make this a class that promotes mental and physical health for all.

These live classes are held over Zoom. To receive the links to the classes please complete a contact form and state which classes you would like to attend and the code/s will be emailed to you. 

Before taking a class please read the health questionnaire here. You do not need to complete it but you can make me aware of any health conditions or concerns you have before participating. If you do wish to complete the form, please download it and send that copy back to 

Yoga Practice
Woman in a Yoga Pose
Man Doing Pushup

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