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Mindfulness day for Counsellors and Therapists

at The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Blackburn, BB6 8AF

Saturday October 26th 10:30 am- 16:30/ 16:45 pm 

This is a one-day workshop for counsellors  and therapists. The focus of the day will be on mindfulness to enhance well-being of the counsellor or therapist. In particular, Person Centred Therapists will likely benefit from the mindfulness practices we will be focusing on. Poon (2006) who had been a  practicing PCT for twenty years dedicated a paper on how she found mindfulness can enhance the three core conditions set out by Rogers: empathic understanding, unconditional positive regard and congruence. This workshop is suitable for any counsellor or therapist who practices from the humanistic standpoint.

Having trained several counsellors in mindfulness/ mindfulness teacher training and having recently completed introductory training in PCT, was such an 'AHA'  experience for me. Counsellors I had trained told me after completing a mindfulness course how mindfulness and counselling fit together. It is so radically clear for me now how they imbricate each other and together they can be so powerful. 

For therapists ( e.g. complementary therapists) it is given that we practice a person-centred approach during the client/ therapist encounter. This workshop is informative in how you can develop embedded counselling during those encounters. In addition, mindfulness practices to enhance your well-being is a focus of the day. 

Primarily, the day is aimed at providing a safe space for counsellors to practice mindfulness with like-minded people. It is for counsellors who already practice mindfulness (as we always enter practice with a beginners mind) and also for counsellors who are complete beginners in mindfulness. Attending the workshop may encourage individuals to continue with daily practice. Cultivation of the practices can help the counsellor to be fully present with clients in addition to enhancing their own well-being. 

Cost of the day is £40 per person. tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch as the cafe at the Sanctuary is not open during weekends. 

Booking is essential. 

Must be a counsellor, student counsellor, or therapist  to attend. 

Book now: £40

Payment also acceptable by BACS. Please contact me for details.