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End of Life Awareness Learning and Development Programme

by Skills for Care, delivered by Inessentia

Cost of training may be claimed back from the Workplace Development Fund 

About this course: 

Providing good EOLC can be one of the most rewarding caring experiences any care worker can have. How they care for someone at end of life can remain with relatives and loved ones for a long time and you only have one chance to get it right.

This is an awareness programme which covers the main aims and principles of end of life care, as well as the various ways to communicate with someone about it. The programme provides learners with ways to develop their understanding of the different views of death and dying in our society and how these views may affect an individual’s thoughts and feelings about death. It will also discuss how learners might get help and support from a range of support services.

The programme is specifically for those:

  • working in adult social care, mainly supporting people who are not approaching the end of life, but with some who might be, for example in the community or in a care home

  • working in adult social care and providing supervision and professional support to other professionals who provide care and support for those not approaching the end of life, but with some who might be.

The real benefit to this programme is that it is linked to the ‘National End of Life Core Skills Education and Training Framework’ and covers:


  • person-centred end of life care

  • communication in end of life care

  • equality, diversity and inclusion in end of life care

  • community skills development in end of life care

  • practical and emotional support for the individual approaching the end of life

  • assessment and care planning in end of life care

  • symptom management in end of life care

  • working in partnership with health and care professionals and others

  • support for carers

  • how professionals can maintain their own health and wellbeing when caring for someone at the end of life

  • care after death

  • law, ethics and safeguarding

  • leading end of life care services and organisations

  • improving quality in end of life care through policy, evidence and reflective practice

The training includes one day in- house training in addition to some course work being completed before and  after the training day. 

Cost : £140 per delegate with a minimum of 6 

As noted above, cost can be recovered to organisations who are eligible for WDF.


To book or inquire further about this course please complete the contact form or call

on 07411 018541.